Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long time, no post

Hi again! Sorry we have been MIA but Ryan and I seemed to have broken our cameras within one week of each other and we have been cameraless, I know, it's horrible! So I will update you with words this time and post pictures later.

Remi is doing great and his personality seems to shine more and more each day. He is saying a ton of words now (provoked only when we say, "Remi say car...His response..."cah") He can say keys, car, truck, phone..he pronounces phone like this ..."pour"'s close enough. mama, dada, doggie...pretty much one syllable words at this point but it is adorable. he points to everything that fancies him and when he gets angry or frustrated he can throw a tantrum with the best of them. When he gets really frustrated he clenches his fists together, screams, and throws himself face first onto the floor, it's quite a site and sometimes i have to laugh at his effort, other times, I want to join in his tantrum. He tries desperately to climb onto the couch from his little chair and when he makes it to the couch, he runs around on it and then goes head first onto his chair's a mess, he usually ends up in tears but the satisfaction on his face when he reaches the couch is priceless. This is when I decided to put him in a gymboree class. He loves it and gets an hour a week to climb to his heart's content. We are also joining a swim class this week, more for fun than lessons, but we figure he likes the bath so much and the pool time we have had so far.

He is growing like a weed, still tall with big hands and feet...we are giving his old shoes away to his 20 month old friend (my child has huge feet, it's a little weird)...remember my child is only 14 1/2 months old! He also has more hair then I would ever know what to do with. Ryan threatened to give him a mohawk tomorrow...scary! He still only has his lonesome 5 teeth but we can see a bunch more trying to make there way through the gum at this point we should buy stock in motrin. We think he has been going through a growth spurt because there are many wonderful nights where we will put him to bed at 7 pm and he will wake up at 9 or 10's magical. All in all I think we got pretty lucky with this one, he is a very happy child who loves to laugh and play hide and seek from daddy and I look at him everyday and just think how perfect and beautiful he is.

One more funny thing...he has found his penis...and he loves it! when we change his diaper he finds it and plays with it and laughs..and then he flicks it and twist it, which makes ryan cringe, but his little face when he finds it...he lights up....I am so not looking forward to his teenage years!

And now for the big news, which you all already know....I'M PREGNANT! yes, I'm sure everyone knows but I am 14 weeks pregnant and starting to feel somewhat normal again, still exhausted but the morning sickness has subsided which is all i asked for. We will find out in 4 weeks if it is a boy or girl ( I'm sure it's a boy) So I will let everyone know. My due date is December 15! I already look pretty big in the belly and so when I rub the belly i say "baby" to remi and he smiles and pats mama's tummy...then tries to steal my belly button. Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Baby is 1!!!!

a little lazy on the post lately but as you all know, Remi turned 1 on March 31st! Almost all the family was in town to celebrate...we missed Bill and the Davis Family but other than a few missing it was a great success! We had a great party for him at the park with friends and family and he got way too spoiled by all the presents! He is looking more like a boy than a baby and growing rapidly! Remi is very active, walking, almost running now, getting a little better at eating and becoming very vocal. He has mastered the tantrum, no doubt from his mother! he has learned to say "doggie" which he says alllll the time, especially when he sees one, he can say "uh oh" while putting both hands on his head, he learned how to throw a ball and screams in excitement! We are trying to teach him sign language and the sign for "more" is sort of like putting your hands together but he does it where it looks like he is clapping, so i guess he knows how to clap now even though he thinks it means "more". He is still in his music class and he absolutely loves it, he bobs his head to beat or bounces to the beat, it is too funny to watch. We finally turned him around in his car seat so now he can face forward and mommy taught him how to feel the beat in the car. When our fun songs are on he raises his hands up and down to the beat, it is hilarious!

He had a great Easter with Family friends and of course wanted to be with the dogs the whole time, just like his father! He went on 2 Easter egg hunts and basically picked up one egg and sat there shaking it for quite some time and then he was over it! Here are some pics! Enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This month is the month of the birthdays...We have been to a birthday party almost every weekend and have had a blast. Other than that we are hanging out, watching him walk, hanging with daddy and having fun. He has ANOTHER could be teething since he is getting that third tooth in or it could just be a bad season for colds. I figured out that our son only likes carbs....and i am trying desperately to hide veggies in his food to no avail...he totally knows when i hide them. He loves playing catch with is too cute. I will get a video soon and post it. At night while Ryan is making dinner Lola seems to know that it is playtime. She goes and gets a toy and squeaks it and Remi goes and gets it from her and they toss it back and forth. So cute! Also Remi seems to like to brush his tongue back and forth on the sliding glass door...a little weird, but funny to watch. Other than that just preparing for the family to come to town in 2 weeks for the big Birthday! Getting ready for the party and the fun!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

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