Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, Daddy is home from work today but unfortunately we didn't get to do too much because Remi has a cough/cold. Were not sure if it is teething or an actual cold, but poor little guy has snot literally running down his face. If he doesn't seem to be doing any better by tomorrow then we will take him to the doctor only because he is getting on an airplane on Thursday! That's right.....were off again!

I am going on a girl's weekend to Idaho with friends Krista and Julie from High School....We all leave Thursday and return Sunday night. We plan on watching movies, going to dinners and getting massages. We are all mother's and decided we needed a little adult time! Which leaves Daddy home with Remi, although Daddy always seems to want to go places...for good reason. Unfortunately one of Ryan's friends/mentors/professors from paramedic school passed away last week and the memorial is in Orange County on Jan 31. Therefore Ryan and Remi will fly to orange County for the weekend and stay with Nonni and Grandaddy Tim. We are just hoping that Remi is feeling better and able to fly so Ryan can send his condolences to his friend.

That being said, Remi is napping and mommy and Daddy need to eat lunch while we have a free minute!

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