Monday, March 16, 2009

This month is the month of the birthdays...We have been to a birthday party almost every weekend and have had a blast. Other than that we are hanging out, watching him walk, hanging with daddy and having fun. He has ANOTHER could be teething since he is getting that third tooth in or it could just be a bad season for colds. I figured out that our son only likes carbs....and i am trying desperately to hide veggies in his food to no avail...he totally knows when i hide them. He loves playing catch with is too cute. I will get a video soon and post it. At night while Ryan is making dinner Lola seems to know that it is playtime. She goes and gets a toy and squeaks it and Remi goes and gets it from her and they toss it back and forth. So cute! Also Remi seems to like to brush his tongue back and forth on the sliding glass door...a little weird, but funny to watch. Other than that just preparing for the family to come to town in 2 weeks for the big Birthday! Getting ready for the party and the fun!

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