Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Baby is 1!!!!

a little lazy on the post lately but as you all know, Remi turned 1 on March 31st! Almost all the family was in town to celebrate...we missed Bill and the Davis Family but other than a few missing it was a great success! We had a great party for him at the park with friends and family and he got way too spoiled by all the presents! He is looking more like a boy than a baby and growing rapidly! Remi is very active, walking, almost running now, getting a little better at eating and becoming very vocal. He has mastered the tantrum, no doubt from his mother! he has learned to say "doggie" which he says alllll the time, especially when he sees one, he can say "uh oh" while putting both hands on his head, he learned how to throw a ball and screams in excitement! We are trying to teach him sign language and the sign for "more" is sort of like putting your hands together but he does it where it looks like he is clapping, so i guess he knows how to clap now even though he thinks it means "more". He is still in his music class and he absolutely loves it, he bobs his head to beat or bounces to the beat, it is too funny to watch. We finally turned him around in his car seat so now he can face forward and mommy taught him how to feel the beat in the car. When our fun songs are on he raises his hands up and down to the beat, it is hilarious!

He had a great Easter with Family friends and of course wanted to be with the dogs the whole time, just like his father! He went on 2 Easter egg hunts and basically picked up one egg and sat there shaking it for quite some time and then he was over it! Here are some pics! Enjoy!

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