Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost a year

I can't believe that Remi is almost a year's crazy. I look at him and he doesn't even look like a baby anymore, he is so big and tall and I can't cradle him like a really does go by so quick, too quick!But in saying that he is growing up to be quite a character, with a great personality and wonderful sense of humor. He also has his mommy's temper and the need to do his own thing his own way but he has his daddy's passion for music and his love for animals. So, i think we are doing good so far!

He is getting his second tooth now, on the bottom, right next to the other one, and it looks as if they are both coming in crooked which is fun! He is eating finger foods a lot better now but again, like his mom, only sems to want to eat carbs...he loves his wheat flax waffles, his wheat toast and loves pasta, only if it is drenched in some kind of sauce....won't self feed any fruits or vegetables! Go figure!

As for the more exciting news...HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!!!SORT OF....i think. Its hard to say but I guess we can write down as February 12 2009! It was hard to tell at first and there is a story that goes with it! Here goes: Ryan was working the night before and my girlfriend Krista was in town again and so all us girls (Julie, Krista and another new friend Amy) decided to hang out. I decided to spend the night with Remi at Julie's house because we were drinking and I didn't want to drive anywhere. It seems to be that when i am with my girls we get a little crazy. So the next day I was too "tired" to take Remi to his music class. My angry husband had to take him instead to a class full of woman singing, dancing and playing instruments with their kids....I have a wonderful husband. So, i swear, just to rub it in, Ryan comes home and tells me 2 HOURS after the fact that Remi took 3 steps on his own. He waited to tell me because he hadn't decided if he was going to because he knew I would cry. He said he knocked him down after that and waited to show me until he got home.....that'll teach me to drink again! So far Remi has taken 5 steps since then but he knows we are in front of him so he kind of falls after the first 3...we get so excited, we clap, yell, hug, kiss and scream! It is so awesome and I think he will be on the move soon!

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