Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Screaming down to OC

While Lindsay and her friends were in Idaho for a weekend away, Remington and I had our own adventures. I needed to head down to Orange County for a friends memorial service, so I packed up and headed to the airport with the little man. First off, I should have left about an hour earlier than I did, but we made it through security and straight on the plane as planned. We arrived to our lovely seat on Southwest, one row from the "lav." It smelled awesome. Off to OC on a fully packed 737, window seat and everything is going great. About 15 minutes later, Remington decides he was over this flight and started to scream and toss about. This screaming was by no means a mild one. It was as loud as I had ever heard and kind of hurt my ears as it reflected off the window. I tried all the tricks to comfort him, but failed and only seemed to agitate him even more. So for the next 45 minutes, everyone on the flight enjoyed Remingtons uncontrollable medley of screams. Fortunately, the two guys sitting next to me were really cool about it and a uy in front of us shared his experience of a similar 6 hour excursion he had. When we touched down in OC, Rem immediately was cool with himself and decided to give me a break. I was offered help with my bags by the guys, but mildly suggested a security detail instead. Everyone had a laugh and then seemed to glare at the only guy who was upset by Remington's actions.

So we were off to a great start. My mother was waiting in baggage claim, so I dropped Rem with her and fetched our belongings. A lady on the flight approached my mother and explained to her what we all just went through. She was surprised I didn't freak out during the flight, but what good would that do?

Now that Remington was cool, the weekend continued as planned. We had a nice dinner that night and relaxed as Remington caught up on his sleep. We woke to a beautiful So Cal day and headed out for a morning walk, coffee, the paper and breakfast for the little guy. My parents were so happy to be with the little guy and looking forward to their sitter duties.

I took off that afternoon for the services and Rem was with the grandparents for a fun filled afternoon. They made it down to the park for a ride on the swing and some crawling about. Then to the store to pick up some dinner and a toy as well. They played around the house and had a great time, an easy afternoon for everyone.

I returned in time to give him his bath and read a quick story. Ryan and Shannon dropped in for dinner and were able to see Rem just prior to bedtime. He always enjoys seeing new faces and carefully examined each of them prior to resting into his comfort zone. It's cool when your friends can see a little bit of you in your children. They couldn't visit with Rem long, but at least they got to say hello and goodnight to the little one. The evening was nice, it was good to catch up and everyone rested well.

Off early Sunday to travel home in time for the Superbowl. I was a little nervous about our flight, but I had to do it. As we waited in line, we ran into a couple that was on our flight down. We exchanged some small talk and I told them, "I'll save them a seat." We laughed and parted ways and headed for the pre-board. As we headed out, Remington seemed really excited about where he was at. He was crawling all over me and the empty seats next to us. Looking out the window and looking back at me to insure he wasn't alone, Remington was bouncing up in down enjoying the rumble of the jet engines and the views as we rolled down the runway and up in the air. He kept hitting the window and laughing, staring out as we elevated. Once leveled off, Rem decided to play peek-a-boo with the ladies behind us. This went on for nearly the whole flight and without even a moment of discontent. What a great flight.

We finally arrived home and Remington seemed to be much happier to be in his space. He played till he was exhausted and crashed out for a couple of hours. Up and down quick and off to sleep for the night.

I think Rem likes his little adventures, but also likes the comfort of his home.

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